Before Your Appointment

  • A Consultation (initial and update) and COVID-19 Risk Assessment will be supplied, please complete these and bring along on the day. 

  • Advise me if you are ‘extremely vulnerable/high risk’ as it may not be possible to treat you.

  • If you feel ill, have a temperature or any other symptoms please advise, we can rearrange the appointment – please do not attend if you are unwell.

The Day of The Appointment - Before Arrival

  • Please bring a mask/face covering and a drink with you, (I can provide a mask for £1 but am unable to provide drinks).

  • ‘Willow’ will have been thoroughly, cleaned/disinfected and all linens/towels replaced for each Client. 

  • A window will be open and the air purifier running to circulate the air.

  • We should both check our health status again and if there is any change or concerns reschedule the appointment, please do not attend if you are unwell.

  • Please do not bring anyone along to your appointment.

The Day of The Appointment - On Arrival

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment (but no earlier).

  • Please do not enter ‘Willow’ until invited and have your mask on.

  • I will check that you are feeling well and have no symptoms; I will be wearing appropriate safety protection.

  • You will be required to remove your shoes/socks – place your shoes/socks and bag (please only bring one bag if possible) in the sanitised containers provided.

  • Then please sanitise your hands. 

  • Get onto the couch; I will make you comfortable and ensure that you are warm enough (bearing in mind that the window has to stay open for ventilation).

  • The session will begin.

The Day of The Appointment – At The End Of The Session

  • Please stay on the couch until I have sanitised my hands. 

  • Get up from the couch but leave all linens in place.

  • Sanitise/wash your hands and remove your things from the container; put your socks/shoes on.

  • Future appointments can be made.

  • Payment by Contactless Card is preferred; however I am happy to take cash if in the correct amount. 

  • Sanitise your hands on leaving ‘Willow’ – please take the mask with you to dispose of safely.